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Aleksey Kashintsev Project Manager, Team Lead

Aleksey Kashintsev

CTO at Alternative-Soft Ltd.

Hello, I'm a web developer and team leader with deep understanding how to create amazing software. I have a strong background in web development, project architecture, databases and etc... Right now I'm supervising front-end and backend developers and coordinate with outsource development teams to create software in B2B and B2G. Work closely to customer services. Sometimes I love to write some code :)

Core qualifications


App design

System architecture



Tech qualifications

Web Design
HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Cross-browser compability, AJAX, Websockets
Libraries and frameworks
Platypus.js, node.js, jQuery, Leaflet.js, Bootstrap
PostgreSQL, Oracle, mySQL, etc... Some experience with noSQL Databases
Web servers configuration
Apache Tomcat, GlassFish, WildFly, nginx & etc...
MacOS, Windows, Linux


  • CTO

    2016 - current

    Alternative-Soft Ltd.

    In general, it was more Project Manager position. But I had to perform a lot of tasks from selecting hardware and some distributors to making system architecture and DB structure. Also I was making almost all administrative work with customers services. And of course my responsibilities was to manage whole development process from analyst to testing. For this period our company get interesting B2G project in transport ticketing. We had a small amount of time, but we succeed.

  • Team lead

    2014 - 2016

    Alternative-Soft Ltd.

    Working in same company as team lead. Hired and trained 6 new software developers. Implemented an internal training program and code review. Created and managed team from 5 developers. Project planning and management, communication with customers, people hire, search for new projects. Work closely with outsource developers. Also I was managed some of administrative work, working with different contacts of our customer in B2B sector.

  • Lecturer

    2014 - 2015

    Ivanovo State Power University

    Taught web programming and JavaScript in the masters group

  • Full Stack Developer

    2014 - 2016

    Alternative-Soft ltd

    There were a lot of tasks from creating desktop apps to site building and webdesign. I tried a lot of different technologies, frameworks and etc. (js, java, postgresql, netbeans, wordpress, mySql, html, css, photoshop, coreldraw). The main project for this time was special software for social analyst. The program feature was merging personal data from different sources with different spellings (street names, people names) and filtering and sorting that data by some parameters. The amount of data was about 15 millions records. I have created several simple web sites and managed freelance web-designers, 3D modellers and video production crews. I have tried to work with SEO and there was not bad results. After that I have worked with GPS/GLONASS software and created ui/ux concept for our monitoring sofware. In addition, I did presentations on company products on specialized exhibitions and events.

  • Unior Developer

    2008 - 2009

    Informatica Ltd

    I worked as a junior developer on projects for industry leaders in oil and gas transportation in Russia. It was very boring because they used old technologies. Skills: pascal, sql, Delphi, oracle db.

  • Unior developer

    2006 - 2008

    Ivanovo State Power University

    I was a student work for some local companies. It was rent calculator software. This program is still working in some of those companies without any support. I have used Delphi, dbo, Paradox DB and etc...


  • Engineer IT

    2002 - 2008

    Ivanovo State Power University

  • 1995 - 2002

    Ivanovo Liceum #67

  • 1992 - 1995

    Ivanovo Liceum #21


  • logo

    Web site and hybrid mobile app to all riders. It helps riders to share their sport results, tracks, find new friends and adventures. It's some kind of social network based on geoposition. I would like to try here technology like blockchain.

    You can find more info on web site

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript Cordova Tree.JS Leaflet.JS Platypus.JS
  • 4RPOS logo
    Ticketing service
    2 mounts ago

    It's a ticketing service that includes a lot of parts: mifare rfid cards, terminals that is installed in vehicles, binary server, several JEE servers. Whole system provide infrastructure to take transport fee from passengers in online mode

    Our competitors was such companies like Golden Crown and Social systems. But we gave less price and win competition.

    The amount of time was given only to install and configure existing system. Instead of it we have created a new one and we did it very fast.

    Most of the problems wasn't from tech part, but from customer employees that was angry for us for so little price and work without corruption.

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript Platypus.JS Java Mifare RFID C++ embedded in PAX POS terminals
  • 4RPOS logo
    4 real POS
    1 year ago

    POS software used to automate cash work on trade points for small business. It works in several trade points in Russia.

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript Platypus.JS Chrome Apps
  • Corvus logo
    Corvus - GPS monitoring system UI/UX
    4 years ago

    I've make an UI/UX design for GPS monitoring system. But now only a part of it still work.

    You can find more info on web site Corvus - GPS/GLONASS monitoring system

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Medical CRM system
    3 years ago

    It was a project for private clinics to automate their work. It help to arrange patients visits between doctors. But when we started this project we didn't make good market research. After 3 months spent on this project we've closed it because of competitors

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript Platypus.JS
  • Emercom logo
    Interior Ministry monitoring system
    3 years ago

    I performed some UI/UX work on outsource project. It was a little web server that works this internal monitoring system to provide monitoring results in web browser. Also it provides access to some system functions like found and dispatch event

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript Platypus.JS



1st place @nerd competition 2014

It was held in at State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia.

Speech @IvBit 2013-2014

Master Class on software development on Platypus.js